GABIDDC Projects

The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) programs aim at accomplishing their objectives by engaging in a number of projects. Some of these are long term, such as the Walter Reed Project, where we seek to work with the Developers in order to ensure that they serve the needs of the community. And some of them support our Workforce and Business Development Programs; or simply aim to fund our efforts and sustain our partners.

We are always interested in partnering with local businesses and other interests in starting, developing and participating in new projects.

Area One: Workforce Development Projects

GABIDDC seeks to support an ongoing Youth (and workers in general) Training, retraining and employment programs. This includes ongoing collaborative projects with the Black Student Fund to produce annual YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM(s) []

The goal is successes like we had in 2014 with the:

Area Two: Business Development Projects

Walter Reed Project

Area 3: Walter Reed Project

Success for the Georgia Avenue Corridor hinges somewhat on how the old Walter Reed Building is re-developed as that building can and should serve as an anchor for other businesses. For that reason GABIDDC is working assiduously with the District Government, Federal Government and other actors to ensure that Walter Reed is redeveloped in line with Commonwealth Visions for the property and not turned into a speculative opportunity to enrich a few at the expense of the many. Our goal is Win/win enterprises across the board. A little healthy competition is a good thing, and when a neighborhood is prosperous in an equitable manner, everyone is prosperous that is connected to it. Ensuring that the Walter Reed building is used for purposes congruent with the vision of it’s original builders is important to us. Walter Reed is a valuable historical resource for the City and the Region.

More on Walter Reed:


Maker Space Projects

These key in on reusing older buildings, including some on the Walter Reed Campus for Arts and local business.

Georgia Avenue Business Development Projects

GABIDDC is working with the District Government, Small Business Administration, and others to attract new business to DC and encourage businessmen to move to the corridor. To that purpose we offer business development services, including efforts to assist local businessmen in making their businesses more profitable. All we ask from them is that they give back to the community by making a donation if (and when) they profit from our help, to help us run our efforts to help others.

Vision of GABIDDC
Vision of GABIDDC
For Projects in collaboration with the Black Student Fund; Contact
Leroy Nesbitt Jr.
Executive Director
Black Student Fund
3636 16th St NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20010

The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation