Partnership for Community Supported Kitchen (CSK)


GABIDDC is partnering with Softwine LLC to develop and promote a Community Supported Kitchen. This partnership is expected to promote both GABIDDCs workforce and community development vision and goals. We expect to use Community Gardens and Kitchens to educate, train and employ people as part of our workforce initiatives. In return we hope that these initiatives provide DC residents with quality and nutritious food.


A membership in a Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) is like a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share. In a CSK, most of the food is processed, while in a CSA you receive the raw produce. For example, a CSA will deliver carrots; a CSK will deliver carrot bread. Most CSA’s represent the produce of a single farm. A CSK can have room to support multiple individual enterprises.

People who join the Softwine CSK enjoy products like whole grain fresh bread from organic sprouted wheat, organic hemp granola, and organic raw goats milk. We strive to use pure, natural, organic, and/or local ingredients in all our products.

Some of the ingredients used in the CSK will originate in TakoNo.

Takoma Park North (TakoNo) is a distributed suburban agriculture community in Montgomery County (MoCo). B. F. Gilbert imagined a city on the edge of DC, and brought Takoma Park (TakoSo) to life. TakoNo expands B.F. Gilbert’s franchise, to create a healthy and sustainable community in other parts of MoCo. The main industry of TakoNo is producing food for the Softwine CSK.

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Community Supported Kitchen

Softwine CSK
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