GABIDDC and the Black Student Fund (BSF) Financial Aid and Workforce Development

BSF and GABIDDC are partnering to help families locate Financial Aid for schooling and workforce Programming. For additional information call (202) 387-1414.

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GABIDDC Programs FY-2015 to 2016

The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) has a number of programs in development or in the works. These include the following:

Area One: Workforce Development Programs

GABIDDC seeks to support an ongoing Youth (and workers in general) Training, retraining and employment programs. This includes ongoing collaborative efforts with the Black Student Fund to produce annual YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM(s) []

The goal is successes like we had in 2014 with the:

Area Two: Business Development Programs

GABIDDC is seeking to work with the District Government, Department of Small and Local Business Development [DSLBD], the Federal Department of Labor and others to attract new business to DC and encourage businessmen to move to the corridor using EB5 Protocols, which are a set of Federal Regulations for investments in business development in designated areas. To that purpose we offer business development services, including efforts to assist local businessmen in making their businesses more profitable. All we ask from them is that they give back to the community by making a donation if (and when) they profit from our help, to help us run our efforts to help others.

Area 3: Walter Reed Project

Success for the Georgia Avenue Corridor hinges somewhat on how the old Walter Reed Buildings are re-developed. Economic development offsite is generated based on what happens onsite and should serve as an anchor for other businesses to develop using EB5 protocols. For that reason GABIDDC is diligently working to develop workforce curriculum and programs with the District Government, Federal Government and other actors to ensure that Walter Reed is redeveloped in line with community mandates for workforce development. The vision to not turn the project into a speculative opportunity to enrich a few at the expense of the many. Our goal is to foster win/win enterprises across the board. A healthy workforce generates a competitive prosperous neighborhood. Walter Reed is a valuable historical and economic resource for the City and Region.

More on Walter Reed:

Area Four: Leveraging Community (networking) and Capabilities to Promote The above

GABIDDC works to leverage the strengths of it’s partners, clients and Volunteers to assist in programs that will generate workforce training and development opportunities and feedback into improving the general wealth and well being of residents of our zone and the area in General. We aim at facilitating educational institutions to move to the corridor and to train our people, or to work with us to let our volunteers and activists engage in workforce development, training, and create employment opportunities directly. For more on our Mission see our Mission page

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