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GABIDDC / BSF Financial Aid and Workforce Development

As part of our core goal of Workforce Development, the Georgia Avenue Business District Corporation (GABIDDC) is partnering with the BSF to help families locate Financial Aid for schooling and workforce Programming.

We can help with applying for Federal Workforce Development Grants of up to $5775.00 or to get school scholarships or other aid. We can help with Application, Tracking and Counseling.

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To read about our Workforce Ladder Paper or if you have Adobe Acrobat you can read his paper at Georgia-Avenue Partnership pdf. You can also read more at

At GABIDDC we provide counseling and registration to go along with the curriculum we’ve prepared. One of our prime missions is to support the agenda embodied in the act passed in 2014 known as the WORKFORCE INNOVATION AND OPPORTUNITY ACT, whose purpose is to:

“improve the workforce system, align it with regional economies and strengthen the network of about 2,500 American Job Centers [around the country], to deliver more comprehensive services to workers, job seekers and employers.”

For more information on this subject visit Efforts Aligned with The Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act

We can provide the following services to those seeking help accessing Education, training and services:

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Work Force Development Projects

Successful projects to date include the following:

Environmental Remediation programs for dealing with Hazardous waste and training people to do so.
Summer Youth Programs and Workforce Training
GABIDDC offers training in coordination with the University of District of Columbia

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