Help with Environmental Grants to Fix your Home!

We can assist DC Residents with obtaining Environmental Grants for up to $17,500.00 for environmental remediation or under the Lead Safe Program:

For older occupied properties (built before 1978) that have cracking, peeling or damaged paint conditions, if people can meet the requirements;

  • Income level requirements for the DC Environmental Grants are;
  • Qualifying Family Household Size Qualifying Maximum Income Level
    Single Parent with child 59,900$
    Two Adults, with two children: 68,500$
    Two Parents with three children 77,050$
    Two Parents with 4 children 85,600$
    Two Parents with 5 children 90,950$

    We can also help with environmental testing services, and maintenance and remediation planning services for businesses and homes. We can provide you with an independent, base line cost for all construction jobs, prior to the hiring of a contractor.

    Contact us at or and/or or call Michael A Jackson at 202 604 3097 to arrange testing.

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    Certified companies for dealing with hazardous waste on-site
    More on the the Lead Safe Program here:

    The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation