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Open Letter to Community

A open letter to the community:

There exist 400 jobs removing Asbestos in one building, at Walter Reed.
15,000 truck load a@ 20,000 pounds per load will be removed.
810 truckload of Asbestos, and no jobs for DC residents.

In fact the project manager for NorthStar stated to me he is not going to hire anyone from DC g has prepared 4 EPA and OSHA certification courses to generate work for DC residents.
to date we have received one job for 1 residents who was terminated after his job was completed months.

It is no wonder crime in the neighbor hood is on the uptick. Without jobs what do you expect.
There exist no advocate to get work in the community for the community


Michael A. Jackson
(202) 604-3097

We are Determined to stand up Workforce Training Courses

GABIDDC’s Mike Jackson is working with the district Department of Employment Services (DOES) operation and is determined to stand up the Workforce Training courses necessary for apprenticeships and work opportunities at the Walter Reed Redevelopment Project, sooner rather than later. If approved Workforce Training Courses will include (once all i’s dotted and t’s crossed):

(BCE- 102) – course for concrete finishers
Environmental Remediation Course (developed Previously)

When we get more detail we’ll give you more concrete news and contact information. We are trying to stand these classes up as soon as possible, rather than later. DOES Announced on September 5th 2017:

“The D.C. Infrastructure Academy will give D.C. residents the chance to learn the nuts and bolts of what makes our city run,” Bowser said.

Mike hopes to operate his piece before the main temporary campus is created. We at GABIDDC have been working towards this capability for more than 2 years. If approved the Workforce Training Courses offered by the Academy will teach:

“Everything from utilities to transportation and logistics to operations and green technologies — and ensure that they are first in line when it comes to securing the infrastructure jobs of today and tomorrow.”

Initially, starting in 2018, they are planning to operate the academy out of an “interim location east of the Anacostia River” until a permanent location can be completed. They will be able to pay participants 9$ an hour to attend the training. If all goes as planned.
Further Reading:

Providing Workforce Training in DC Area

GABIDDC is seeking to provide Workforce Training Classes on Hazardous Waste mitigation and to facilitate employment and apprenticeships on the Walter Reed Campus redevelopment effort. We need Community support, your support, to achieve our goals.

DC Residents stymied in Joining Workforce by Lack of Training

The Government of the District of Columbia does not have environmental or infrastructure training facilities for local residents to prepare for employment opportunities in disciplines associated with environmental and underground infrastructure projects. As a result, DC residents are unable to qualify for the growing number of job opportunities that require certifications in those areas. The lack of a training facility for residents and businesses located within the District of Columbia results in lost employment and business development opportunities for residents and local business.

Need for a Comprehensive Training Facility

GABIDDC, Michael Jackson and his friends and allies at UDC, the District Government and various others are seeking to remedy this situation by developing a comprehensive training facility to instruct and certify DC residents in the area of environmental expertise (e.g., lead abatement, asbestos and mold remediation, etc.), which will include teaching the rules and regulations enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Benefits of Workforce Training

The benefits of this facility would be manifold. EPA and OSHA require workers to be trained and certified prior to performing certain biological and/or environmental applications for most construction trades and building maintenance functions in public space facilities. The DC government requires certifications to perform work through the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), as well as Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) training for some workforces. Such training would enable DC area residents to perform such work safely and expertly and thus would improve the lives of those DC residents who receive such training. This improves the quality of life of the areas they live.

Enforcing the Law Necessary

In order for such a training program to be successful, present laws (e.g., The First Choice Law), which mandate hiring DC residents on projects funded by DC taxpayer dollars, must be enforced. Currently, contractors and developers sign agreements to hire local and train their worker in environmental safety measures, and are able to ignore their promises using the excuse that no one is available locally, who is skilled to do the work.

Two Pronged Approach

We are thus seeking to change this.

The First Prong is to report to DC residents on these developers and encourage them to make an attempt to hire and train locally, for safe disposal of hazardous wastes.
The Second Prong is to stand up training courses and acquire a facility in which to do the training.

GABIDDC is making some progress on the Second Front, but needs your help on both fronts. Our DC community needs to support Mike in his efforts and to hold the Developer of Walter Reed to their promise. We need your help, contributions, participation and awareness.

Walter Reed Project Breaks Promises to Hire Locally

Michael Jackson of GABIDDC wrote an email Letter addressed to Council Member Elissa Silverman, on how the Walter Reed Project is breaking its promises to hire and train workers locally. In that email he points out that:

“In you efforts to peel the onion in determination of unfair labor, and wages practices related to the hiring of DC residents, please note that all apprenticeship programs should implement training for OSHA and EPA safety compliance standards.”

Circumventing Process

Mike observes that:

“Developers and contractors, who perform”… the “work to bring projects online, are circumventing the process in various ways.”


“The contractor hired by Hines Urban Atlantic, and Trident to perform the demolition contract work at Walter Reed on one 2.5 million square foot hospital building has informed me they are not in need of any DC workers.”

Essentially they told Mike that they don’t intend to hire locally, train people and who even knows if they intend to protect their safety when removing hazardous materially:

Safety and Hire-Local Covenants

Instead of hiring anyone Locally:

“The work started July 10th, 2017. NorthStar, is bringing in 400 people to form their own workforce from the Mid-Atlantic surrounding states, instead of abiding by the covenants sign in the disposition agreement with the ” Developer of Record”, for the government of the District of Columbia.

Why Requirements Apply

Mike Explains that the reason is that:

“Federal and District of Columbia  regulations require contractors to implement safety standards as part of their scope of work.”

Therefore because:

“More than a certain percentage of existing building space is presently” “deem[ed] to have environmental issues”

therefore workers in those spaces should be trained in, provided and use, proper gear per OSHA requirements that apply to all projects in DC. Further:

“The community benefits package of the disposition agreements stated by the developer and Mayor communicated to the community, that 51% of the workforce would come from the District of Columbia. This mandate requires training.”

Therefore they are breaking their agreement by making no effort to hire locally.

Circumventing Promises


“NorthStar’s estimate of the number of workers required to perform the scope of work and applications are 400.”

Which means that the District of Columbia is:

“losing jobs, and taxable dollars for 201 workers, [who] could be trained and employed.”

DCRA and DOEE did not address this issue before permitting work. Therefore:

“A formal estimate of the environmental scopes of work…is unkown”


NorthStar for example, the demolition contractor chosen by the Walter Reed developer, has not disclosed” these things, and “Neither did the contractor who installed the
new water line across campus from Georgia Ave to 16th Street NW.”

As a result while we know:

“810 truckloads of hazardous material will be generated from the process of demolition.”
“15,000 truckloads of recycled concrete will be removed after the demolition process”
Only 1 person out of 20 applicants was hired through efforts to generate worker for the 3,225 linear feet of 12 inch pipe line that is currently being installed at Walter Reed.

Disregarding DC law

Mike has not let this pass:

“In response to this a meeting with the Office of the Attorney General [occured July 27th 2017] for the purpose of deriving the facts and resulting outcomes that can be achieved to generate some jobs. This case is similar in format to Power Design, in that this is a blatant disregards to fairly employ citizens promised job opportunities. The actions of both the developer and contractor [display blatant] disrespect of the laws of the government of the District of Columbia.”

Need Intercession!

He pleaded for the District government to:

“The community ask[s] for your intercession, similar [to what you did] for the Power Design case with the Office of the Attorney General. We ask[] for a special hearing to resend fines and/or stipulat[ions] on behalf of the community and [for] the government to find solutions to effectively implement the disposition agreement between the District of Columbia, and Hines, Urban Atlantic, Trident “the Developer of Record” for the government of the District of Columbia. if the developer does not agree to implement” the workforce agreement.

GABIDDC And Partner’s Role

GABIDDC, led by Mike Jackson has poured his heart into setting up to implement this agreement. He has worked with a number of DC groups and the District governent. And, he created 5

“courses prepared with curriculum for 7 EPA, and OSHA certifications required, by the code of federal regulations( CFR )”

And Struggled Valiantly to protect the rights of residents and working people in the District of Columbia. He has a vision of, as

“a first step” a “ladder to living wages.” based on a “curriculum [of] individual and apprenticeship classes to assist DC residents looking for work, and for the general public needs to generate permits for environmental issues.”

We need Your Help!

This issue needs the attention of the residents of DC. Once again developers use bait and switch promises and hollow contracts to deceive residents, and they shouldn’t be able to get away with it! We cannot, without working together:

“deliver inclusive development, affordable housing without the help of generating as many jobs as possible.”

And that requires the District have some power over it’s own territory

Inclusive Development

All the people associated with GABIDDC have a vision of inclusive development of the Georgia Avenue Business Development Area as a thriving community of communities, with thriving people, thriving businesses, and a system of development and sustainment that floats all boats. My friends with GABIDDC, all of them, are devoted to that vision. We seek to provide, spark, encourage, instigate the kind of education, training and job opportunities that make that possible.

The Developers of the Campus where Walter Reed historically stood, promised such inclusive development to the people of DC. That is why GABIDDC has sought to work so close with them and tracked their efforts and successes with such interest. They have a huge amount of environmental remediation work to be done.

Michael Jackson, Dr. Tony Johnson, Dean of University of the District of Columbia Community College are in negotiations, seeking to institute an “Environmental Training Center, (ETC),” or at least classes in environmental remediation, to train workers and young people in how to safely deal with environmental hazards. More importantly, the goal is to employ DC youth in this productive work. The goal is to work with, and maybe train for, companies like Tera Tech and NorthStar. NorthStar will be removing tons of concrete and hazardous waste. We would like to make sure the workers do this removal safely and without the kinds of exposures that make workers sick down the line.

Sustainable development involves using care in dealing with contaminated environments and using workers who are well trained, and preferably local.

We need your support Community

Community Education Discussion

We held a community discussion on Education on June 22nd at 5:30 in co-sponsorship with the Black Student Fund.
We discussed 2017 education issues in the Georgia Avenue Corridor.

On a Sad note we lost 3 members of our GABIDDC family; Wayne White, Dr Richard Lee and Dr Albright all died in the last three weeks. All were members of the GABIDDC family.

Completing this mission, with the help of God, and those who have a stake in the mission, is important work. We will continue their pioneering efforts.

GABIDDC Workforce Training Initiative Community Forum Wednesday

This week, we are having a Community Forum leadership meeting towards finalizing efforts to get classes going. The gathering will be held on Wednesday June 28, 4:00-6:00 at the office of the Black Student Fund, 3636 16th St., NW, Suite A-21.

Our efforts to serve DC’s workforce, youth, and ensure that Walter Reed keeps promises to hire locally and support the community are ongoing. We aim at providing classes for folks seeking work, who need training and experience. Mike Jackson’s Training initiative in environmental remediation is on track. Hopefully we’ll be announcing further progress after this meeting. Walter Reed’s developer and the District Government see the need for these classes. Michael’s announcement to local leaders is here:

“ and the Black Student Fund are sponsoring a community forum for businesses and leadership
interest of the government of the District of Columbia to discuss how to better build a city from within.
The topic of discussion is planning inclusive workforce applications, matched with CBE and DOES applications.
The questions to be answered, are how to generate the required threshold of 51% of the job’s opportunities
within economic development projects, matching scopes of work with CBE, non- CBE’s implementing projects
with developers and contractors over $500,000.00 dollars. The process currently in place lacks training for DC
residents requires prior to, rather than after bids for work are implemented.”

Finding the means to generate training application coupled within scopes of work is the basis of apprenticeship training. Please join us for this important forum. The objective is to develop best practice methodologies to grow a city from within. The gathering will be held on Wednesday June 28, 4:00-6:00 at the office of the Black Student Fund, 3636 16th St., NW, Suite A-21.

Workforce Opportunity at Walter Reed

The contractor installing the Water lines at Walter Reed is looking to hire a heavy equipment operator
and some laborers for implementation of his scope of work. We are also working with various contractors and the Department Of Employment Services (DOES) to develop apprenticeship and training opportunities for people seeking a job who first need experience.

If you are interested in paying labor, please fill out the provided form so you can apply to the job. We will review the applications and forward the information to:

Connally Contracting Corporation or other appropriate parties.
For more information call 202 604 3097

check box if yes

Walter Reed Hearing March 1st 2017

There was a hearing of the DC Council on Walter Reed on March 1st 2017. Michael Jackson gave his testimony for our GABIDDC efforts on that date. We appear to be making progress on achieving our goals for developing workforce training capabilities. So anyone who is in need of job training or help getting job training or access to education should call (202) 604 3097

Deputy Mayor Brian T. Kenner Gave his testimony:

Deputy Mayor Testimony

The meeting was a success, and we at GABIDDC are doing our level best to ensure that the old Walter Reed Campus is redeveloped as designed.

Further Information:

scheduled for March 1st 2017.
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Site Reuse Advisory Committee
Wednesday, March 1 starting at 10:00 a.m.
Room 123, John A. Wilson Building
Contact: Demetris Cheatham
at or 202-297-0152


Managing Developers to Meet City Requirements

Managing Compliance

Recently an audit conducted by Auditor Kathleen Patterson concluded that:

“The District government is failing to ensure that developers fulfill pledges they make in exchange for tax benefits and loans, and hasn’t collected potential monetary penalties since the mid-1980s as a result, the city’s auditor said.” [Washington Post Article]

Requirements Management Needed Starting with the Contract

The city is not monitoring, tracking and reviewing performance of the projects under it’s jurisdiction:

“In August, Patterson’s office reported that the city’s oversight of at least two development projects showed that even as developers delivered on a variety of promises, city agencies “did not sufficiently monitor” compliance.” [Washington Post Article]

It takes a Program Office

To do this the City Government has to setup a system for documenting, tracking and monitoring compliance with contract requirements. As the article notes:

“There needs to be oversight of commitments that developers make,” [Washington Post Article]

Documenting Contractual Requirements

That starts with assigning an agency or contractor to function as a program office for managing the project requirements during the contract development period. As the contract is written, it’s requirements need to be be placed in a requirements database.

Developing and Documenting Deliverables

As the contract is finalized, the developer works with the program office to develop the technical details of how and when they will deliver on those requirements. These then become the deliverables needed to meet contract’s requirements along with priorities, milestones and due dates.

Tracking, Monitoring and Compelling Performance

That program office should then be responsible for tracking the deliverables and monitoring performance via status reports and milestone reviews. Each contract requirement deliverable should have it’s value to the developer and any penalties spelled out so that the program office can then enforce compliance.

Making sure they “do what they are supposed to do”

The purpose of the District providing oversight of projects is to ensure they are delivered in a way that meets (or exceeds) the districts needs in an affordable manner. This is a fiduciary duty of government. As Patterson notes:

“I work for the taxpayers and I need to make damn sure they do what they’re supposed to do.” [Washington Post Article]

Making a program office and specific officers responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance is best practices for doing this. It also helps avoid costly legal battles by ensuring that contract responsibilities are clear and agreed on.

Program Manager

Someone must be responsible for overall project compliance. That person within the government is a Program Officer. The Program Officer is given the authority to make sure that the persons responsible for project performance perform and that their progress is monitored week to week, month to month and at milestone reviews set in the contract. They ensure the deliverable are met and if not that action is taken to punish the transgression or remedy the shortfall.

Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

A Program Manager usually is assisted by a COTR. The COTR has the job of making sure that the developer or contractor with the project is paid if and when he she delivers on the contract requirements and deliverables. And of ensuring that action is taken when they don’t. The COTR also has overall responsibility for tracking those deliverables usually with assistance from Office Personnel who do data entry/IT/Database work or work with the project teams.


Some of the requirements that the Audit found developers were not meeting, were workforce training and local hiring requirements. One of GABIDDC’s core missions is to ensure that City Wide Development, especially on public lands, is done in a manner that is sustainable and equitable to all citizens.

Our purpose is to do our part to ensure that all the citizens of this area have the opportunity to receive both the training and the job opportunities to be fully functional, free and independent citizens. Towards that end the City mandates that developers provide Jobs to DC residents.

GABIDDC is devoted to develop and facilitate the kinds of workforce training so that developers can meet the requirements for providing those jobs, and that citizens can fill job positions as they become available. That is why we are developing Workforce Training opportunities. It is also why we are proposing that the District use a requirements management system and program office to manage them.

GABIDDC can help projects like Hines Urban Atlantic to meet their workforce hiring requirements by providing recruiting and training services.

GABIDDC is doing what it can with limited funding, but stands ready to assist developers and the city in reaching it’s workforce requirements.

About the Author

Chris Holte is currently voluntarily assisting GABIDDC by helping with the website and working as CIO. He has 20 years+ experience working on projects and project management. He is the author of this article. The opinions expressed in this article are his own based on years of experience with IT projects, contract deliverables and requirements.

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