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The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District and Development Corporation (GABIDDC) mission is to revitalize and grow the upper Georgia Avenue Business Corridor and surrounding Communities, in a win/win fashion for all stakeholders. WE seek to generate and maintain a safe, well kept, attractive, economically viable and sustainable economic corridor, with opportunity for all. One that contributes to the vibrancy, upholds and increases the standard of living and quality of life for all the people of our community and area.

The original mission of GABIDDC was and is:

EXPAND the range and quality of housing and home ownership opportunities for District residents, especially for those in Ward 4,
PROMOTE and participate in the revitalization of commercial corridors, facilities and neighborhoods,
DEVELOP supportive services and programs for small businesses and develop new ventures which will provide additional employment and investment opportunities, including improving workforce training and employment access for area residents
INITIATE programs which provided financial, managerial and technical assistance to start, expand and relocate businesses in the District and improve employment and ownership opportunities for residents of the GABIDDC service areas,
EXTEND the research and academic programs of local educational institutions into the quotidian aspects of the Ward 4,
COORDINATE activities with other local citizen groups, community organizations and institutions to improve community facilities and public services, and
PURSUE the development of opportunities, which will enable GABIDDC to address the above stated objectives and to identify and undertake activities that will allow GABIDDC to continue to move toward self-sustaining operations.

From GABIDDCs inception, the organization has focused its projects, efforts and programs on the Ward 4 neighborhoods and communities. Our missions include training and workforce development, serving the Georgia Avenue Business District community and ensuring thatthe redevelopment of Walter Reed is done in the community interest. We also provide direct services to DC and Washington Metropolitan area residents in the areas of bio-hazard testing and to our partners and members.

Vision of GABIDDC
Vision of GABIDDC

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The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation