GABIDDC Workforce Training Initiative Community Forum Wednesday

This week, we are having a Community Forum leadership meeting towards finalizing efforts to get classes going. The gathering will be held on Wednesday June 28, 4:00-6:00 at the office of the Black Student Fund, 3636 16th St., NW, Suite A-21.

Our efforts to serve DC’s workforce, youth, and ensure that Walter Reed keeps promises to hire locally and support the community are ongoing. We aim at providing classes for folks seeking work, who need training and experience. Mike Jackson’s Training initiative in environmental remediation is on track. Hopefully we’ll be announcing further progress after this meeting. Walter Reed’s developer and the District Government see the need for these classes. Michael’s announcement to local leaders is here:

“ and the Black Student Fund are sponsoring a community forum for businesses and leadership
interest of the government of the District of Columbia to discuss how to better build a city from within.
The topic of discussion is planning inclusive workforce applications, matched with CBE and DOES applications.
The questions to be answered, are how to generate the required threshold of 51% of the job’s opportunities
within economic development projects, matching scopes of work with CBE, non- CBE’s implementing projects
with developers and contractors over $500,000.00 dollars. The process currently in place lacks training for DC
residents requires prior to, rather than after bids for work are implemented.”

Finding the means to generate training application coupled within scopes of work is the basis of apprenticeship training. Please join us for this important forum. The objective is to develop best practice methodologies to grow a city from within. The gathering will be held on Wednesday June 28, 4:00-6:00 at the office of the Black Student Fund, 3636 16th St., NW, Suite A-21.

Wear Blue Day!!!

On Friday, 6/16/17, as we enter the Father’s Day weekend, we are supporting “Wear Blue Day” (  We are asking everyone to wear “BLUE” to show your support for yourself as well as the other men in your life.  Wearing blue on this day will show how you encourage healthy living among our community men.  Feel free to take a group picture/selfie and share it on your social media outlets to show your support.
We also remind you that the “Men Take Ten” program provides prostate cancer education which helps men make an informed decision about getting screened.  Furthermore, we offer prostate cancer screening (PSA & DRE) to men:
(1) that make the informed decision to get screened,
(2) 40-75 years of age,
(3) have not been screened for prostate cancer in the past 12 months, and
(4) has never been diagnosed or treated for prostate cancer.
We encourage you to contact us for more information about our program and activities.  Kindly review and share the attached fliers with others!
Clinton Burnside
Howard University Cancer Center
Men’s Health Education and Early Detection Program

MHACS Mens Health Awareness Month

Across the nation, June is celebrated as Men’s Health Awareness month.  As a valued member of the Howard University community, Howard University Cancer Center’s Men Take Ten program invites you, your family and friends and your community to take part in our Men’s Health initiatives throughout the month of June.
We encourage you to attend the final Men’s Health Awareness Clubs (MHACs) of the summer.
The next group will take place on
Wednesday, 6/14/17 at 5:30 pm in room 201 (2nd floor) of the Howard University Cancer Center.  We will discuss “Men’s Health: It’s about more than just the Prostate” and other issues men should be aware of and discuss with their healthcare professional.  MHACs are co-sponsored by the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) and Med Star Family ChoiceRefreshments and give a-ways will be provided. All are welcome to attend and we encourage you to bring a friend.  MHACs seeks to create an environment to allow men to share their experiences and learn more about men’s health. 
Clinton Burnside
Howard University Cancer Center
Men’s Health Education and Early Detection Program

A Day for BSF – 2017

The One day fundraiser was a success. But the BSF could still use your donations. And GABIDDC could use some help too. Please donate to either of us at.

Please let them know that you were referred from GABIDDC.

One Day Fundraiser

To GABIDDC Members and Readers:

Letter from The Exective Director of the BSF:

“Last June with your generous support during BSF one day June fundraiser, BSF was able to raise $4k. I want to thank you and ask that you again help us raise $5k on our 24 hr “one day fundraiser” on June 7, 2017.”

“Much has transpired in twelve months. One could say it is the best of times and the most challenging of times. Every BSF senior had multiple college offers but BSF services were required to help families address college financial aid gaps. BSF continued to work with member schools on issues of diversity and inclusion while fielding more calls and emails from families concerned about the climate and culture in independent education. Over nine hundred families applied to BSF for membership for Fall 2017 but we were only able to accept less than 5%. Across the work of BSF the story is joy and pain.”

“Your continued financial support will allow BSF to respond to today’s demand and continue to create opportunity and access for talented students of color at independent schools. Funds raised from this effort will support summer programs and academic enrichment.”

If you donated last year, I hope you will match that donation this year.

This year we are soliciting you directly and using our on line donation page to reduce costs we incurred last year. You are encouraged to make you donation today on line at:

Please let them know that you were referred from GABIDDC.

Thanks for giving us the resources to Build Strong Futures.

Leroy Nesbitt Jr.
Executive Director
Black Student Fund
3636 16th St NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20010