GABIDDC Working to create a Video Game Institute for Job Training

GABIDDC Working to create a Video Game Institute for Job Training

This Summer we did our Video Game coding training program again as a pilot project, following up on similar efforts in previous years.

Our video game program which operates in Washington, DC, is one of these efforts and is designed to bring video game development skills to DC youth, who are underrepresented in the video game industry; many of these young people love video games but would otherwise never be exposed to techniques, let alone the opportunity, to make their own video games. We use the object-oriented program, Python, to teach video game development to the students. This includes lists, tuples, and maps; functions and methods; classes and instances; iteration and looping; debugging, and more. We will, of course, also teach some basics in animation, collision detection, collision avoidance, etc.

We need your help!

We would like to continue the program, institutionalize it and make it an ongoing program. Our program ran this summer on a shoe-string budget; we hope to continue it as an after-school program during the school year and for all interested children. Experience has shown we will have no trouble bringing in African-American boys. So, we will target our next wave of publicity toward females and Hispanics, and the District’s growing immigrant population. We are trying to raise $8,000 for the 2016-17 year by October 31; this would be used for:

  1. A program manager/instructor
  2. More computers and monitors
  3. Books (there are a lot of free Python e-books, but we need some hardbacks)
  4. Paper, markers, blackboard
  5. Commercial IDLEs (these make debugging a little easier)

To help visit:

If you are a youth, or guardian of a youth, who might be interested in taking classes the next time they are offered. Please click on this link and fill out this form:

Training Form

About the Program

Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District and Development Corp works, among other things, works to keep our rich diversity. One way we do this is through building workforce educational and training programs aimed at building the workforce of the future.

But, as many of you know, it is not enough to teach someone how to fish. How many of us took three years of high school Spanish or French? How many of us rarely practiced the language? … The result is we forgot the language within a few years. The developers of this class want to avoid the same thing happening to our students. Accordingly, we will not only provide instruction in videogame development, but we will form them into teams and encourage them to practice their newly learned skills throughout the year.

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