GABIDDC New Years Symposium on January 7 2016

GABIDDC with assistance from Leroy Nesbitt of the Black Student Fund, is planning to host a New Years Symposium/dinner for folks interested in contributing to and supporting the Georgia Avenue Business Development District, on January 7, 2016.

And You’re Invited!

The address for the dinner will be:

From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Woodner Apartment Building, First Floor
3636 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC   20010

As a community based nonprofit we are looking for donors, residents & businesses, activists and like minded people to assist in the development and implementation of our programs for Maker Spaces, Workforce Development and training, and to use at least part of the old Walter Read Facility for community building functions. Folks interested in joining the GABiDDC Board, supporting our efforts or collaborating and contributing to our efforts, are invited to meet with us to discuss our way forward, how we can help you, and how you can help us address the districts needs for workforce development, training, and our efforts to build a community around the Walter Reed redevelopment efforts.

GabiddcWeGoturBack BSFimage

Looking for Board Members

The Georgia Avenue Business Development District  Corporation is looking for bright, community minded people to become board members and to get in on our efforts to turn the Georgia Avenue Business Corridor into a fully integrated, environmentally, business and family friendly zone in the City.

You can support our efforts in a number of ways, from becoming a volunteer board member, working with us or by simply using products or services advertised by our sponsors, affiliates and supporters.  Or letting us advertise your products and services! We appreciate your support and participation!

Looking for a Few Good Citizens!



What can we do?

What can we do through our work and  communities to make a difference?
With support for community programs, we can create business and employment  opportunities; pursuing both individual and common good in the process.
Generating job’s means developing business applications for employment, and economic development.  The taxable base of the District of Columbia, is implemented by employment through business, and  Real Estate development.  Outcomes of development efforts invest in workforce programs by  the government of the District of Columbia  could generate opportunities for employment,  if oversight by the DC Council mandated scopes of work to be implemented on DC owned projects.   Community and civic  voices count, and  need to be implemented within a plan of action for economic development.
The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District Development

Corporation, (GaBiDDc) is working with DC government agencies, universities, and stakeholders on Workforce Development projects that will have positive outcomes for our city; reducing crime and  unemployment rates in the process.

We Need your help

If the community is to benefits from the development of DC owned assets, the government and  residents of the District of Columbia, then those concerns must be built into the working  plans of  action  and embedded in any disposition documents for the purpose of securing the outcome expected. Otherwise the city risks being conned into providing private benefit for a few and ignoring that greater good. That is where your help is needed. We need you to support our efforts.   Your input would be helpful.  Please visit our website at GABIDDC. By using our services, you are helping us.