We are Offering Testing Services to people in the Washington Area

Testing Services


Testing Services for Hazards

GABIDDC has a license and the ability to perform Testing Services for customers. Currently Our estimated pricing for sampling is as follows:

Test Name Unit Price Comment
Soil Tests $6-100.00 Spectrum of Metals
Lead $6.00 (Dust/Soil)
Mold $8.00 (Dust/Soil)
Water $20.00 Sample
1 Bedroom Apt $105.00 Apartment
2 Bedroom Apt $145.00 Apartment
2 Bedroom $250.00 House
3 Bedroom $300.00 House
4 Bedroom $350.00 House
Contact: Michael A Jackson: (202) 604-3097


News on Walter Reed Project

Walter Reed Vision

11/6/2015, representatives of the Georgia Avenue Business Business Improvement District Development Company (GABIDDC) met with the DC Government, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) project managers for Walter Reed. A disposition hearing will be before Christmas on the project. Work will start next week on the new Fire House building on Georgia Avenue. Disposition on the rest of the project will take place within six months after that hearing.

GaBiDDc’s plan,is to work with DMPED and our partners the Black Student Fund and UDC/ARI to implementation these Workforce Development, Employment and CBE opportunities. It is proposed to implement this event for the community at the 4D Police Station community room, similar in format to the Ward 4 educational forums we have held for the last two years.


News on Walter Reed, From the DC Current

“Walter Reed will become a mixed-use community with new construction and adaptive reuse.”

Walter Reed Vision

On 11/4/2015 The Current Newspaper of DC [No.44 November 04, 2015 reported that the DC Historic Preservation Review Board announced unanimous opposition to plans for the demolition of three buildings on the former Walter Reed Campus in connection to the developer’s plans for mixed use development of the site titled β€œThe Parks at Walter Reed.” β€œAt issue are a guardhouse, oil storage shed and wagon shed.” The Guardhouse and oil shed were constructed in 1922 and the wagon shed was built in 1942. Concerns were also expressed about the height of some of the proposed 7 buildings plus aesthetic considerations and road design. The developer has expressed willingness to work with the Historical Society and Residents.

Source: No.44 November 04, 2015
Further Reading
Parks at Walter Reed Website: [http://www.walterreedtomorrow.com/]