Summer Youth Employment Program initiation July 2014


During the summer ,The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) in collaboration with The Black Student Fund (BSF) implemented a Summer Youth Employment Program with a strong educational/workforce training focus. They conducted the following plus the disciplines of website development and photography.

 Our summer youth students have developed WordPress websites with blogs.

The diverse topics students have chosen to consult range from basketball player wages to early motherhood.

Kevin, a rising senior at Roosevelt High School tackles the disparate wages among basketball players. With a sample size of 4, he picked a racially diverse group, ranging in age, family background and of course wages

Ashley, a newly admitted student at Temple University is focusing on Biology as she plans to pursue it in college as she gets started in the fall.

Anastasia, a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University is doing her blog on costume design and fashion. She will incorporate her academic knowledge in this field to create an insightful and eye-opening website regarding the intricacies of costume design.

Chardé is a recent graduate from Ballou high school. She is doing her piece on early motherhood. Her blog encompasses basic duties that every mother should know. These duties include breastfeeding, learning to change diapers and more.

Daquan, from Roosevelt High School, is a skateboard enthusiast. His site is devoted to his passion for the sport.

Maryam, who is entering the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the fall, is focusing on interior design on her website.

In addition to the web development class, some of the students are participating in the photography component. In this module, students are instructed in the use of digital cameras and techniques, then tour the Georgia Avenue corridor archiving the present architecture. Recently, the students and instructor were granted access to the Walter Reed Campus taking pictures of the various buildings for posterity.

It is BSF and GABIDDC’s hope that these students leave this summer program with a viable skill that can be leveraged in future job opportunities.