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We are the Georgia Avenue Business Development District Corporation. (GABIDDC)

Do you need a lead inspection for your home, business or Apartment?

We are now offering lead testing services to individuals and Apartment owners throughout the Greater Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan areas through Lead Safety Solutions, LLC [http://www.leadsafetysolutions.com/] call 240-461-4377 or in DC 202 604 3097 for an appointment

Do you need Workforce Assistance (Up to $5,775.00?) Yes? or No?

Do you need an Environmental Grant (up to $17,500.00)? Yes? or No?

Do you need Senior ADA Retrofit (up to $10,000.00)? Yes? or No?

Do you need Medical equipment (Medicaid/Medicare Reimbursed)? Yes? or No?

Our Services

We provide Services to our Community and with our Partners; including Environmental Services, assistance with getting grants from the District Government, Workforce Development and Assistance to students with their loans and issues.

For more information about how we can help

Visit: https://www.gabiddc.org/?page_id=401

The proceeds from every service or product sold with our help go to fund this non profit program created entirely to serve GABIDDC’s non profit mission. Our goal is to be as self sustaining as possible but we also need and appreciate, help from donations of time and energy from the community.


About (more at About)

We serve our core constituency of the Georgia Avenue Business corridor specifically and our area community generally. We are a non-profit devoted to serving the purpose of intelligent, humane and environmentally friendly improvement, development and sustainment of the Georgia Avenue Business District, both the business communities and the people they serve. Our areas of concern include ensuring “smart” and community friendly development that doesn’t displace residents and provides jobs for those living in the city and environments. Find out more by visiting our About Page. You can become a member of our community by signing up.

Core Functions

GABIDDC performs Workforce Development, Educational, Training, and Community Support Services for the Georgia Avenue Communities it serves and the Metropolitan region. These include:

Workforce Development
Environmental remediation, grant application assistance and training on remediation measures;
Remediation and consulting for removing lead and other contaminants, as well as general cleaning and hauling. (call 202 604 3097)
Testing for Lead and other bio-hazards
Summer Youth Training Programs
Maker Space Creation and sustainment
Ongoing Work with the Walter Reed Development project and with the District Government in it’s efforts.
Marketing and Sales Services for the Georgia Avenue Business Community, our partners and affiliates.


The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) is an organization dedicated to the revitalization and growth of the upper Georgia Avenue corridor and surrounding communities. Its primary focus is to serve Ward 4, specifically Georgia Avenue running from the corners of Georgia and Missouri Avenues, NW, northward to “the Gateway.” The Gateway lies at the corners of Eastern and Georgia Avenues, NW.  GABIDDC’s purpose: to maintain a safe, well-kept, economically viable and attractive commercial corridor that contributes to the vibrancy, upholds and increases the standard of living and quality of life for the city, patrons and surrounding neighborhoods. GABIDDC is working with members and interested parties within the Upper Georgia community, to, among other things, ensure the Walter Reed and related redevelopment fully integrates the established community with the community-that-is-coming.


GABIDDC was incorporated as a District of Columbia not-for-profit organization in 2011; It achieved non-profit 501 (c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service on April 2015. Because it’s purpose is to assist with and improve the fortunes of Businesses along the Georgia Avenue corridor, it can offer business assistance and other help to businesses located along that corridor or seeking to relocate there. All we ask is that you donate a percentage of your proceeds from us helping you to helping develop, improve and sustain businesses, the local environment and neighborhoods along your corridor.

GABIDDC profile: [http://www.orgcouncil.com/dc/washington/georgia-avenue-business-improvement-district-development-c-384.php]

A copy of the approval letter is here: IRS_Approval501c3.pdf


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The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation