Written testimony of Michael Jackson

Written testimony of Michael Jackson [edited for  reading]
                             Funding of Walter Reed  Act/Bill
                                    to be supplemented with
                                     Workforce Funds
                               Specific Training Application

 I represent the Georgia Avenue Business Improvement Distinct Development Corporation. ( GaBiDDc ), is a registered  non-profit with 501- C (3) status, and a designated DMPED Great Streets Partner. The  testimony is relevant to the hearing and community outcomes for workforce opportunities. The outcome of our efforts will  [increase] the taxable, and workforce base of the District of Columbia.

Workforce  [Development should] go hand in hand with commercial Development.

The use of Walter Reed, as a workforce incubator and laboratory will provide a hands-on space for implementation [of much needed workforce training and development and help] solve workforce delivery issues due to lack of  hands-on training space [and projects].
A  presence of DC workers at Walter Reed [provides an] opportunity for  actual employment of DC constituencies.   The facilities on site, provide a asset for various permanent jobs, scheduled for the site and within the DC Government.
Specifically, the  objectives are to implement  applications for employment of  entry level trades in  custodial,  environmental, and building  maintenance workers, city wide.  The DC government maintains over 25 million square feet of buildings and facilities.. The need is based on the growth of the District of Columbia. Construction worker can be easily assimilated into permanent full time positions.
GaBiDDc, has and is developing  curriculum, in collaboration with the University of the District of Columbia /Architectural Research Institute.I have worked to accredit  courses for UDC, and the Holy Comforter- Saint Cyprian Community Action Group. Outcomes of our join effort generated 150 jobs during the DCPS Schools Blitz for Non-Profits and DOES.
The [planned]  course curriculum,  is applicable to the mission and purpose of maintaining a  cleaner, safer working environment within food, public and transportations facilities in the District of Columbia.  The course, is Biological Chemical and Environmental, (BEC101). The purpose is to train   workers in the science of cleaning, neutralization and containment of (BCE) hazards.  A battery of courses related to Computer Generated Graphic’s, could be applied and are applicable to the research businesses planned for the Walter Reed site. UDC provides some of these courses.
 As a community non-profit (GaBiDDc) request, is for all non-profits mentioned in my verbal testimony;  Catholic Charities, Community Action Group, Earth Conservation Corp, Sasha Bruce, United Planning Organization, the DC Department of Corrections, and Department of Employment Services,( DOES)Projects on Virtual Operating Systems, (DOES/VOS) will  be the beneficiaries of the DC City Council decision to implement funding for workforce [development] application[s] within the Walter Reed Funding Bill. 
Whatever the final name of the, Act/Bill pending may be,  workforce funds are  a justifiable,  fundamental component need of the District of Columbia.  A process similar in format implemented for the  justification of  funds for pre-development work already under way at Walter Reed,  is sound and has no negative fiscal impact for the Government of the District of Columbia. Members of the City Council,  your hearing  committee, the Developer of Records concur.  Workforce coupled with funding the acquisition for disposition of Walter Reed leads to  permanent employable positions. for DC residents in all Wards. 
The return on investment to the tax base of the District of Columbia for the  investment of $150,000.00 requested for 4 workforce classes  is $221,000.00 or 67 % annually.
The taxable income is based on 80 jobs at $35,000.00 per  hirer, and taxes on adjunct professors teaching the class at UDC.
 If implemented for 5 years, the DC Council through the funding  requests for Walter Reed generates 400 jobs.
We as a community organization  are ask to participate by the Developer of Record, and to get up to business speed. How do you deliver jobs with no resources?
The DC government has paid 1.1 million  for the pre-development work on the Walter Reed campus for  Phase 1 Environmental studies. For your edification, the “Environmental Existing Building Surveys” required to implement Phase 2 work, is what we have the capacity to do.  The same scopes of work are implemented  for DHCD over the last 10 years. UDC/ARI prepares the architectural plan, specifications, bid package and permits for all DHCD programs. I prepared the environmental assessment for the scopes of work prior to starting our non-profit, as the Risk Assessor.
My point is the DC government needs workforce [development]. How do you to  build employment on the back end?  Contracts are granted at the pleasure of Developers and/or /contractors.
 Submitted  for your review are the  justifications and needs to be addressed prior to the start of implementation of work. This is a DC Government owned project.  The justification is a model for Best Practices, with no- negative fiscal impact.  What we offer is a means
to implement both training and Scopes of Work to put DC residents to work.
Budget for Workforce classes to be included in Walter Reed funding Act/Bill
Total requested fund $150,000.00
4 classes/2 per semester $100,000.00*
* $25,000.00 per class 20 students per session 96 hours certification 24 days
Breakout of cost
Instructor cost $48,000.00
$12,000.00 per class @ $500 per 4 hour session $125.00 per hour
UDC indirect cost $ 3,120.00 26 % of salary
GaBiDDc outreach $ 3.120.00 26% of salary
Equipment $ 3,720.00 FF&E required, hazmat equipment
Books $ 3,000.00 @$150.00 per unit 20 per session 1,081pages per manual
Project cost:
Jobs and CBE Engine/Retention for graduates of the course. The purpose is for employment with private sector Businesses, DCPS High Schools, and development of a Interagency systems to implement DOES/VOS applications, identification system of personnel needs matching skill sets.
Scopes of Work, (SOW’s), for the Environmental portion of Walter Reed
Risk assessment Risk assessment
Existing building surveys
Plan specifications and permitting for the scope of work 6 Construction Analysists
UDC/ARI Laboratory Analysis
Testing components for Soil, Water, Lead, and Mold 2 Laboratory technicians
Building materials components stress testing 2 UDC/CAUSES
Workers could become part of maintenance staff 15 CBE
Mothballing 15 CBE
Grounds landscaping 15 CBE 144Acres
Deconstruction, and demolition 15 CBE
These  type of job’s are  what we have discussed with the Master Developer DMPED, and the DC Workforce Council.  The community could be trained to deliver. Out of the 3,000 permanent job’s 73, plus 7 management  job’s equals 80 job’s. This is less than 3% of the workforce planned for Walter Reed.