We can Help with obtaining Environmental Grants

We can assist DC Residents with obtaining Environmental Grants for up to $17,500.00 for environmental remediation!

For older occupied properties (built before 1978) that have cracking, peeling or damaged paint conditions.

  • Income level requirements for the DC Environmental Grants are;
  • Qualifying Family Household Size Qualifying Maximum Income Level
    Single Parent with child 59,900$
    Two Adults, with two children: 68,500$
    Two Parents with three children 77,050$
    Two Parents with 4 children 85,600$
    Two Parents with 5 children 90,950$
    For Older occupied properties (built before 1978), cracking, peeling or damaged paint conditions.
  • Contact us at info@gabbidc.gov or and/or mikejacksondc@yahoo.com or call Michael A Jackson at 202 604 3097

  • Certified companies for dealing with hazardous waste on-site