Towards A Workforce Development Ladder

Workforce Development Ladder
Workforce Development Ladder

GABIDDC is moving along on a concept we call the Workforce Development Ladder. This concept involves the creation of a three-stage/three-phase workforce development program where people move along a ladder to permanent jobs. GABIDDC will work with other organizations such as the workforce development technical training programs of the University of the District of Columbia to develop this multi-faceted workforce development program. We seek to provide for our clients:

  1. Work Readiness Services
  2. Life and household skills development and instruction
  3. Adult basic education and literacy instruction for native English speakers
  4. Job training programs
  5. English as a Second Language instruction for non-native speakers
  6. Job Placement Assistance
  7. Job Retention Services

We plan to accomplish this vision in three stages.

Stage One: The Entry Phase; would last for 12-18 months and involves providing cleaning, greening, and visibility services on the corridor, assisting in the corridor’s improvement and revitalization. Employees would be provided with training in life skills, work readiness and technical knowledge, and other assistance as needed, complemented by coaching.

Stage two: Middle phase at the Walter Reed Campus; As their skills and experience develops, the idea is that people working for GAP project can advance to permanent jobs in building and facilities maintenance at the Walter Reed Campus.

Stage 3: Outplacement; The training and experience gained from this program is to be the basis of permanent jobs around the metropolitan area. These jobs would also include deconstruction work and green jobs, prepared for through Workforce Training initiatives in weatherization, energy, composting, zero waste development programs, and property testing and problem abatement.

GABIDDC needs the communities support to accomplish this mission. To help us you can donate by visiting this page.

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Or get more information on our Fundraising efforts please click the links. This post summarizes the concept paperThe Workforce Development Ladder as written by Richard Layman at: For more detailed information on Implementing the Workforce Development see: