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Environmental & Testing Services

The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) is now providing environmental testing services, and maintenance and remediation planning services for businesses and homes.

We can Test your property

GABIDDC has licensed, experienced assessors and the ability to perform Testing and remediation planning Services for customers in the DC area. [and working with Lead Safety Solutions can provide such services area-wide in Maryland and Baltimore]. We can test the air in rental units for dangerous lead dust. We can test sampled media for Air, Food, Lead, Mold, Soil, Water contamination. We can send out a lead inspector to test your home or rental unit before you move in or rent it out.

  • Commercial,
  • Institutional,
  • Residential

Currently Our estimated pricing for sampling is as follows:

Test Name Unit Price Comment
On site Inspection $90.00 Cost for onsite testing (transport & Time)
Soil Lead Test $6.00 Lead only
Soil Spectrum test call * Spectrum of Metals
Lead in water $20.00 (Dust/Soil)
Mold $20.00 (Dust/Soil)
Water $20.00-$450.00 (bacteria) *ask Sample
1 Bedroom Apt $155.00 Apartment
2 Bedroom Apt $195.00 Apartment
2 Bedroom $300.00 House
3 Bedroom $350.00 House
4 Bedroom $400.00 House
Contact: Michael A Jackson: (202) 604-3097

And we can recommend Remediation solutions including partnered *maintenance and roofing services.

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