Stopping the Carnage

Mass shootings generated from the proliferation of assault weapon used in public schools, and other public space facilities must stop. The RESULTS the public demands and that we are looking for the federal government, 50 states, and 3700 municipal county to implement, are to impose positive methods for curtaining assault weapons. We ask for your response, in the form of letters and blogs to our website. is interested in collaborating with others social conscious network provider for the purpose of generating results that will change the prospective of our leaders within the
United States of America. The unacceptable carnage, of lives lost especially for the number of youth affected by gun violence requires your participation. We ask for your comments and support for a meaning full solution. Please find the time to result to this call for change For your review, please read this attached Washington Post article, and provide your comments for solutions for post on our website., and the Black Student Fund provide educational solutions for all people. All lives matter !

Please respond to:
3636 16th Street NW
4th floor
Washington DC, 20036
the United States of America.