Rolling Thunder and Workforce Development

GABIDDC is making progress in finding workforce opportunities for people in the area on two fronts.

On one front we are in the final stages of crossing the hurdles to offer Training on dealing with Hazardous Wastes. Something we will be teaching to people seeking employment and to persons to be tasked with that function. We also hope to be putting people to work cleaning the graffiti in the Metro Subway system.

On the other front we are working with US Water Warriors and other partners to directly employ people and support Veterans Day Celebrations this weekend! The Water Warrior effort aims to both raise money and provide clean, pure water to persons here over Memorial Day Weekend for the Rolling Thunder Celebration, and other activities. We hope to see you there!

We at GABIDDC are actively pursuing our main mission to provide workforce development and training services for youth in the city (as well as to serve the Georgia Avenue Business District). We are working overtime, with the District Government and our Partners, to ensure that veterans and other folks who need work are prepared for and can get meaningful work for themselves and enter the long term job market. You can donate to our cause by both buying water from us by the case (24 bottles) or by donating to us so we can give away or sell water at Veterans day celebrations this weekend.

Visit our Partnership page for more information on our bottled water or to order some water. We need your help!


We need your help. All of us are unpaid volunteers at this time

Please donate to our cause directly

Thank you for your help!