Walter Reed Redevelopment

The Re-purposing of Walter Reed is finally here

On Wednesday evening September 28, representatives of GABIDDC attended the Walter Reed Announcement event at The Parks at Walter Reed. During that event Mayor Bowser’s administration announced the “re-purposing of the Walter Reed Site.” They announced a number of disposition items about Walter Reed Campus. The Georgia Avenue Community got much of what they wanted, though there probably won’t be a Wegman’s there.

D.C. International,
Washington Yu Ying,
Latin American Montessori Bilingual charter school,
Howard University ambulatory specialty care,
The Parks at Walter Reed
Low Income Housing:
So Others Might East and H.E.L.P. Development Corp.
The Parks at Walter Reed,
2,000 residential units,
250,000 square feet of retail,
a Hyatt hotel and conference center,
20 acres of green space,
and an “Innovation Core” anchored by George Washington University’s medical research department, bioscience and pharmaceutical companies, and a branch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


“Understanding your role as a community for applications of inclusive development”


As members of the business community and residents served on Georgia Avenue we feel that the re-purposing of the Walter Reed site be something inclusive of all stakeholders in our community. It is imperative that economic progress be steeped in the sustainability of existing businesses and the existing housing stock of apartments.

These capabilities need to be maintained for the existing population to preserve the benefits of their continued presence. The benefits of community are preserved when no one is harmed by development; tranquility, culture, creativity and liveliness are features of vital communities. Gentrification can kill this.

Inclusive Development

One of the Purposes of GABIDDC is to ensure that the development of the Walter Reed site needs to be done in such a way that it’s changes are salutary and contribute to both neighborhood and economic improvement without harming the neighbors. The goal should be business improvement that creates room for new business while enhancing the survivability of existing businesses. As new construction projects bring new businesses and residents to the community, the existing people have rights that should be preserved to have the opportunity to benefit as well.

Kudos to Brandon Todd

Our City Council member Brandon Todd has delivered a great effort to sustain the existing community even as a new entities about to break ground. We applauded the efforts of the Developer to include inclusive development applications in the delivers services and systems to be established at Walter Reed.

We need your help

For the existing business community to achieve the economic levels of business survive-ability, prior to the closing of Walter Reed, we need your help. The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District Development Corporation, would like to ask members of our local business community to define how we can help you and to render your support to our efforts. We’d like to know what your business can bring to the table.

Please contact us for advice and assistance with dealing with the DC Government, advertising, access to environmental testing, and marketing services and to share news on community developments and to coordinate with us on workforce, business and community issues. We can work together to deliver what your business provides for the community. If interested in helping with our efforts please fill out the following form or click on the contact us link

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