Open Letter to Community

A open letter to the community:

There exist 400 jobs removing Asbestos in one building, at Walter Reed.
15,000 truck load a@ 20,000 pounds per load will be removed.
810 truckload of Asbestos, and no jobs for DC residents.

In fact the project manager for NorthStar stated to me he is not going to hire anyone from DC g has prepared 4 EPA and OSHA certification courses to generate work for DC residents.
to date we have received one job for 1 residents who was terminated after his job was completed months.

It is no wonder crime in the neighbor hood is on the uptick. Without jobs what do you expect.
There exist no advocate to get work in the community for the community


Michael A. Jackson
(202) 604-3097

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Community”

  1. Caroline Kennedy writes back and notes:
    “Currently, there are 86 workers on the Building 2 abatement and demolition project. Of those, 55 are DC residents (64%), and 13 are Ward 4 (15%). ”
    Things are not as dire in the effort to make the Walter Reed Project Inclusive development, as we were led to believe.

  2. Next Caroline told us:
    Second, it’s important to highlight several additional key successes:
    CBE contracting has been very strong to date, and the Master Development Team is proud to maintain our 35% CBE contracting commitment throughout the project. On the two construction projects that have been completed since we took control of the site in November 2016 [mothballing of historic buildings and the Main Drive water line installation], 48% of total contracting went to CBE companies, including one Ward 4 company. The Building 2 demo project just commenced in September 2017, and is on track to hit at least 35% CBE contracting, with a second Ward 4 company on board.
    Support of Ward 4 economic development organizations has also been strong, as we have participated in several events hosted by the Beacon Brightwood Business Alliance and Emory Beacon of Light, and have supported Emory’s Clean Streets initiative with the purchase of a much-needed truck, as well as coordination around an operating grant for the initiative.
    Third, as discussed, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you as you get your training initiative off the ground. We expect additional jobs to be created through the Building 2 demo project in the spring of 2018, and would greatly appreciate referrals of any candidates who complete your OSHA and DDOT Certified Flagger trainings.

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