Michael Jackson Testimony written 2/10/2017


To: the City Council of the District of Columbia

I have submitted a request from the DC City Council to testify regarding the disposition of Walter Reed from the U.S. Army to the government of the District of Columbia Developer of Record

Hines/ Urban Atlantic/ Triden. The hearing is scheduled for March 1st 2017. The basis of my testimony is as an advocate of workforce development programs.  The relevancy of job training is considered a key aspect of inclusive development. The justification for my testimony, is based on the need to get DC residents up to the speed of business for employment.   Certification programs required to perform certain scopes of environmental work are required by the Environmental Protection Agency, ( EPA) . The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, ( OSHA)  requires safety certificates for  all scopes of work.  The hand- on job training process that could be provided at Walter Reed provides a way forward for employment at Walter Reed and other DC owned constructions sites.

The process is the core aspects of “Inclusive Development”.

The benefit for the developer/contractors, the immediate community, and the District of Columbia, is the creation of jobs. The outcomes generates employment based on the training programs necessary to comply with DC, EPA and OSHA requirements. The process expand the tax base of the District of Columbia, and has no negative fiscal impact.

The question that needs to be answered, is:

“ why is it so difficult to get the city council, and the Developer agree to the process of having a workforce training center on the campus of Walter Reed, and why has  the communities requests for training programs specific to the law not been implemented to date” ?

Based on the needs of residents and businesses that could be involved in the process of inclusive development, educational training components have been prepared by GABIDDC.org, with the assistant of the University of the District of Columbia/ Architectural Research Institute. The Black Student Fund and GABIDDC had sponsored community educational forums for the purposes of educating the community over the last two years.  There does not exist a environmental training center in the District of Columbia, nor are there designated workforce sites, under the guideline of the Department of Labor WIOA Act.


We recommend the following action be taken;


  1. That the City Council establish a critical path for implementing the process of establishing “Designated Workforce Sites”, under the Act.
  2. Upgrading the workforce law of the District of Columbia  to establish the authority of  DCRA and DOEE to determine, if contractors have a certified workforce for DC, EPA and OSHA requirement based of the code of federal regulation,   ( CFR’s ) prior to issuing work permits.

We ask that Faith-based and nonprofit organizations serving the needs of the District of Columbia, to voice your respect concerns, as the process affects all development sites, especially DC owned sites.

Michael Jackson
3636 16TH NW A-421
Washington, DC, 20010
(202) 604-3097