Letter to Constituency

Workforce Development Ladder
Workforce Development Ladder
Dear  GABIDDC Constituency,

For the past two summers  GABIDDC working with the Black Student Fund have provided DC Summer Youth Training Program activities. These programs provided students  $8.50 per hour for the six weeks of course  training.  Some of the attendees of our programs went on to colleges and universities, others we helped to find employment opportunities working with our partners.

This year we are seeking to continue to provide such programs, and expand opportunities by working with UDC and other partners to develop curriculum, provide courses and implement additional workforce initiatives aimed at preparing people for employment opportunities at the Walter Reed facility and around the city.

We seek to generate business and employment opportunities for DC residents through these efforts.  And we need your help.   If you think what we are doing is meaningful, please send letters of support to the community,  the DC Council and to your community support networks, on our behalf.  These workforce projects are critical to ensuring that the redevelopment of Walter Reed benefit the many and not just the few.   You can send your letters to info@gabiddc.org or to any of our officers.

Your letters of support will be filed, with the Mayor and DC City Council,  some will be posted.
Thank you for viewing our website. We offer a platform to voice your respective concerns.  In addition to letters of support to us, if you have comments,  suggestions or community issues dear to your heart please write to us and share your take on them with us.  We want to hear from you and appreciate your take on community issues related to our neighborhoods, employment and jobs.  Please feel free to write or comment to us at GABIDDC, at any time.

You can review the  scope of what has been presented and requested for Workforce Development Programing and training on our website, at http://www.gabiddc.org/

Please consider a donation of your time to write letters twice per month to the leadership and send them to us and CC. info at GABIDDC.org. We also need your financial support to be effective so any form of financial donation is very much appreciated. For questions or to contact us please visit our “Contact Us” page.

 Michael A. Jackson
(202) 604-3097 direct
(202) 387-1414 office