Youth and Adult Workforce Development Training History


The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) each year seeks new workforce development, youth training and employment opportunities for residents of our City.

2014 Training Effort

Our first success on this score was in collaboration with The Black Student Fund (BSF) was realized in in the summer of 2014, when we implemented a Summer Youth Employment and Training Program. This Program was held in the summer of 2014 and was a success. To read about that event visit:

2014 Summer Youth Training program
What the Black Student Fund said about that effort:

“July 5th, The Black Student Fund (BSF), in collaboration with the Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation (GABIDDC) has implemented a Summer Youth Employment Program with a strong educational/workforce training focus. Our summer youth students have developed WordPress websites with blog on diverse topics students ranging from basketball player wages to early motherhood.”

And they went on to report:

“In addition to the web development class, some of the students are participating in the photography component. In this module, students are instructed in the use of digital cameras and techniques, then tour the Georgia Avenue corridor archiving the present architecture. Recently, the students and instructor were granted access to the Walter Reed Campus taking pictures of the various buildings for posterity.”

And they noted our common goal that:

“It is BSF and GABIDDC’s hope that these students leave this summer program with a viable skill that can be leveraged in future job opportunities.”

Programs Page [ taken 9/15/2015]

2016 Youth Program – GABIDD Programming Institute Project

In 2016 We continued to work to build on and repeat that success building on the natural bounty and human capabilities of the Georgia Avenue Business area, and teaching valuable and marketable skills to youth (and others) in the area.


For the long run we plan on continuing to provide youth training. The plan is to leverage the opportunity represented by the presence of wonderful Universities in the area, the Government, and the re-purposing of the former Walter Reed Medical Center to create a GABIDD Programming Institute. The goal is to teach valuable skills and knowledge that can be used to secure job and entrepreneurship opportunities. The GABIDD PROGRAMMING INSTITUTE PROJECT has been a success each year. If you’d like to contribute to that program please click on the link provided for more information.

More on the Black Student Fund:
43rd Annual Independent School Fair:
In October 2015 BSF had its 43rd Annual Independent School Fair w/ LSF – Family Registrations: [eventbrite]

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