Importance of Gun Free Zones and Enforcement

Gunfire Detections

While the country rightfully mourns the mass shooting at a Florida school, ShotsPotter DC’s gunfire detection system monitors gun discharges near DC schools. In one year ShotSpotter picked up 336 incidents of gunfire between 7 am and 7 pm. More than fifty percent of these incidents occurred within a 1000 feet of a public school or public charter school. A few more facts tell a chilling story.

Nine percent of the schools were exposed to 48 percent of gunfire. Twenty-five schools were exposed to gunfire around the time children usually go to school or leave school to go home. In the year of the study four schools experienced more area gunfire than others- Booker T. Washington, EL Haynes on Georgia Avenue, EL Haynes on Kansas Avenue and Meridian PCS – were each within 500 feet of 9 – 11 incidents of gunfire.

A study is underway to determine the impact of gunfire on students and school. The study will look at attendance, after school activities and stress. What is clear that mass shooting are statistically rare but gunfire with 1000 feet of schools is a common experience for many students at DC schools.