Economic Inclusivity

When one asks questions about economically inclusive applications for our 21 century American society, the question must start why are we not achieving the objectives? Generating better racial relationships, is just one aspect of the problem. What happened to the trickle down theories of economic justice?

It was a given on the 1990 through 2008 that America was on the verge of understanding inclusiveness and had the wisdom to implement strategic strategies for the empowerment of all Americans to achieve middle class status. This was the center piece in the balancing act of the American Dream. We had agreed in principal to get along in America, and it seemed the goals of extinguishing the racial and economic divides had achieved a foothold.

We had established those beachheads through the hard fought battles of the Civil rights, Women rights, and Gay rights movements. It seemed we’d made progress against national housing discrimination and that education stood tall as a priority. Unfortunately, all of these battles, are in fact still simmering in the under bellies of bad apples who feel empowered to breed racial and economic divides.

Using the same powers of “Freedom of Speech and the right to bear Arms” these bad apples, emboldened by hate groups, are redefining arguments and generating mayhem in America. Their philosophy, is endangering the core values and gains made through social and human evolution of mankind’s moral values. They are putting in danger our values of live and let live free in America; with this regressive language and behavior.

There exists not just something in the atmosphere. The situation is real and scary.

We as Americans need to remember the forward movement we’ve made. By not forgetting the past and what It has taken our forefathers to get to this point we can remember that America, is still a young and growing nation.

Growing pains we feel. Social and societal groaning we still hear. The struggle will continue for many years to come.

Just remember, whatever the realities are within your life, the vast scope of hard work our forefathers have put in to gain the progress that has gotten us to this point. We need to move the agenda forward, for the benefits for all to live and let live in peace and harmony. That agenda is still a moving target. There are some politicians who speak of “How to make America Great Again.” They need to remember what makes it great in the first place.