DC’s Lead Safe Program!

Last Year the District of Columbia Announced it’s Lead Safe Program (LSP), which is still ongoing. We can help you to get your property tested and with the paperwork for applying for the grants. The LS program will pay for the testing and if a problem is found, pay for the mitigation:

The LSW program will test eligible properties, at no charge, for lead-based paint hazards. If an eligible property is identified as having lead-based paint hazards, DHCD, will provide grant funding to property owners for the removal of lead-based paint hazards. For more information go to our Help with Environmental Grants Page.

Lead Safe News Release
Last Year’s news release


More information:

News Page: http://dhcd.dc.gov/service/lead-safe-washington-program-lsw
Eligibility: http://dhcd.dc.gov/page/lsw-%E2%80%93-eligibility-and-how-apply
Links and Information: {http://www.gabiddc.org/?page_id=426}