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Open Letter to Community

A open letter to the community:

There exist 400 jobs removing Asbestos in one building, at Walter Reed.
15,000 truck load a@ 20,000 pounds per load will be removed.
810 truckload of Asbestos, and no jobs for DC residents.

In fact the project manager for NorthStar stated to me he is not going to hire anyone from DC g has prepared 4 EPA and OSHA certification courses to generate work for DC residents.
to date we have received one job for 1 residents who was terminated after his job was completed months.

It is no wonder crime in the neighbor hood is on the uptick. Without jobs what do you expect.
There exist no advocate to get work in the community for the community


Michael A. Jackson
(202) 604-3097

Valuable Office Space Available for lease or share space

A Valuable Office Space property in DC, One block from Senate Office Buildings is available for potential lease with option to buy, sale or share space with GABIDDC and other non-profits. If you are a non profit or association this is a rare opportunity.

If interested fill in the following form or call 202 604 3097

Real Estate Opportunity

Happy New Year and GABIDDC Workforce Training Mission

Workforce Training / Employment / Scholarships, Help

A primary missions as the Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District Development Corporation (, is to teach and assist our constituencies in the District of Columbia through workforce training programs. We are operating on the principle that if you can teach a person to fish (or in this case perform a valuable skill) they will be able to fend for themselves.

This year one of our projects has been to stand up classes in environmental remediation and cleanup. We have developed training courses based on requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, (OSHA). We developed 5 courses and put these courses through rigorous review under supervision of the University of the District of Columbia. These classes are geared for implementation of environmental initiatives throughout the District of Columbia, as required by DC -Law 2-156 for workforce requirements.

Need your Assistance and Partnership

We only lack class space and students to begin teaching students across the city the skills they need so they can enter the workforce prepared and we can help them get placed in jobs where they can build their skills further and earn experience and be sustainably employed. We need your donations to go further and we are looking for partners in our effort from other charities, non-profits and workforce providers.

GABIDDC, the Black Student Fund, and our Other Partners all wish all a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Visit: or to see what else we offer.


Prostate Cancer Screening

3rd Wednesday of most months

1 P.M. – 3 P.M.

Suite B125 (basement level)

Howard University Cancer Center

2041 Georgia Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20060


(202) 806-7697 or (202) 865-4653

*Ask about the new MHACs program*

The “Men Take Ten” program provides educational material and prostate cancer screening to men 40-75 years old, living in the DC Metro Area that have not been screened in the last 12 months.

GABIDDC Working to create a Video Game Institute for Job Training

GABIDDC Working to create a Video Game Institute for Job Training

This Summer we did our Video Game coding training program again as a pilot project, following up on similar efforts in previous years.

Our video game program which operates in Washington, DC, is one of these efforts and is designed to bring video game development skills to DC youth, who are underrepresented in the video game industry; many of these young people love video games but would otherwise never be exposed to techniques, let alone the opportunity, to make their own video games. We use the object-oriented program, Python, to teach video game development to the students. This includes lists, tuples, and maps; functions and methods; classes and instances; iteration and looping; debugging, and more. We will, of course, also teach some basics in animation, collision detection, collision avoidance, etc.

We need your help!

We would like to continue the program, institutionalize it and make it an ongoing program. Our program ran this summer on a shoe-string budget; we hope to continue it as an after-school program during the school year and for all interested children. Experience has shown we will have no trouble bringing in African-American boys. So, we will target our next wave of publicity toward females and Hispanics, and the District’s growing immigrant population. We are trying to raise $8,000 for the 2016-17 year by October 31; this would be used for:

  1. A program manager/instructor
  2. More computers and monitors
  3. Books (there are a lot of free Python e-books, but we need some hardbacks)
  4. Paper, markers, blackboard
  5. Commercial IDLEs (these make debugging a little easier)

To help visit:

If you are a youth, or guardian of a youth, who might be interested in taking classes the next time they are offered. Please click on this link and fill out this form:

Training Form

About the Program

Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District and Development Corp works, among other things, works to keep our rich diversity. One way we do this is through building workforce educational and training programs aimed at building the workforce of the future.

But, as many of you know, it is not enough to teach someone how to fish. How many of us took three years of high school Spanish or French? How many of us rarely practiced the language? … The result is we forgot the language within a few years. The developers of this class want to avoid the same thing happening to our students. Accordingly, we will not only provide instruction in videogame development, but we will form them into teams and encourage them to practice their newly learned skills throughout the year.

Workforce Opportunities coming through Partnership with UDC


GABIDDC is adding workforce training classes in Federal Emergency Response to Hazardous Waste Remediation. These will be funded through Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act (WIOA) Grants from the Department of Labor. This partnership between UDC/ARI/GABIDDC will provide 4 required certifications for construction and public space workers.

The course is titled Biological Chemical Environmental ( BCE-101).

The classes will address disciplines for remediation of Asbestos, Lead, Mold, decontamination and confined space issues, which meet training requirements for most jurisdictions and Federal projects.

People taking the course will be qualified to work in the above mentioned disciplines and in public space facilities If interested in more information please contact us.


Workforce Survey

Help Text

Check Box if Answer is Yes

Help Text

Make a Difference in 24 Hours!


Today we at GABIDDC are supporting the Black Student Fund’s efforts to raise money to help needy young people and students.

Make a Difference in 24 Hours

Accept the Challenge!

Today, Thursday June 2nd, is the United Way’s Do More 24 day! Do More 24 is a 24-hour online fundraising campaign that encourages donors, like you, to give to charitable organizations within the DC metropolitan area. Today’s challenge has the further benefit of having a benefactor who will double donations.

BSF invites you to support us by donating today on BSF’s Do More 24 page.

With your support you will help BSF Scholars continue achieving academic, personal, and professional success. As a reminder, your donation today will:

  • Help BSF scholars enroll in SAT and ACT test prep classes.
  • Help fund BSF’s Bishop T. Walker Award given to a graduating senior BSF scholar.
  • Help BSF scholars participate in BSF’s Community Day at Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home.
  • Help BSF scholars attend an annual outing at the Anacostia Playhouse.
  • Help families attend the 43rd Annual Independent School Fair.

For more on this subject please go to this page.

To Make a donation go to this page:


I donated, so can you!

Rolling Thunder and Workforce Development

GABIDDC is making progress in finding workforce opportunities for people in the area on two fronts.

On one front we are in the final stages of crossing the hurdles to offer Training on dealing with Hazardous Wastes. Something we will be teaching to people seeking employment and to persons to be tasked with that function. We also hope to be putting people to work cleaning the graffiti in the Metro Subway system.

On the other front we are working with US Water Warriors and other partners to directly employ people and support Veterans Day Celebrations this weekend! The Water Warrior effort aims to both raise money and provide clean, pure water to persons here over Memorial Day Weekend for the Rolling Thunder Celebration, and other activities. We hope to see you there!

We at GABIDDC are actively pursuing our main mission to provide workforce development and training services for youth in the city (as well as to serve the Georgia Avenue Business District). We are working overtime, with the District Government and our Partners, to ensure that veterans and other folks who need work are prepared for and can get meaningful work for themselves and enter the long term job market. You can donate to our cause by both buying water from us by the case (24 bottles) or by donating to us so we can give away or sell water at Veterans day celebrations this weekend.

Visit our Partnership page for more information on our bottled water or to order some water. We need your help!


We need your help. All of us are unpaid volunteers at this time

Please donate to our cause directly

Thank you for your help!

Memorial Day


GABIDDC will again be working with US Water Warriors to provide Water to support Memorial Day activities.

We will be selling water on site to people there. We also can provide water by the case to anyone who wishes to buy it by the case. Proceeds go to put unemployed veterans to work and towards our common efforts at workforce development and training.


Please consider buying a case of Water from GABIDDC for Memorial day!

buy one and donate one to be sold at Rolling thunder at American Legion #8
or along the parade route Price per case $50.00

The Cause is a good one!

To contact us please fill out this form:

GABIDDC to Work With Water Warriors to Provide Water to the Funk Parade


GABIDDC will work with the US Water Warriors to provide Water to the DC Funk Festival participants. We will be selling water on site to anyone who wants it. We also can provide water by the case to anyone who wishes to buy it by the case. Proceeds go to put unemployed veterans to work and towards our efforts at workforce development and training.


To contact us fill out this form:

Water Warriors Order

Fields marked with an * are required

Donate to GABIDDC

by clicking on this link:

The Georgia Avenue Business Improvement District & Development Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the revitalization and growth of the upper Georgia Avenue business corridor and surrounding communities. Your donation is appreciated, deductible and a receipt will be sent to you for it with the amount donated and our taxpayer Identification information on it.