“As I See It”

The Developers are Coming, the Developers are HERE!!

By André R. Carley


The Walter Reed Redevelopment project has been much talked about with varying degrees of anticipation. Much has also been lamented by the lack of ”development” along the upper Georgia Avenue corridor. For the sake of definition, let’s define “upper” Georgia Avenue as between the DC/MD line, Georgia & Eastern Ave., NW (north) to Georgia & Aspen St., NW (South). Traditionally the southern boundary has been at Fern St., NW but I’m including Aspen St. because it bounds the end of the Walter Reed development project. For years it seemed as if our little slice of community was destined to become the dumping ground for all the displacement caused by the construction going on around the other four quadrants, coupled with the perception that this community is “anti-development”. That is no longer the case. Walter Reed notwithstanding, there is much development coming to the upper Georgia Avenue corridor in the coming months. In fact, one could argue that the long sought after and feared development has been underway for sometime. I cite as examples the nearly completed multi-generation construction at 6925 Georgia Avenue, the remodeling of the apartments at 7611 and 7701 Georgia Avenue, respectively, and the revitalized Doug Jamal/Harris Teeter project at Georgia and Eastern. (55,000 sq ft of retail and 217 apartment units.) I also include the interior modernization of the Takoma Flats apartment complex and whatever is going on at the old Eddies Carryout and Blair Mansion Inn!


Yes, change is a-comin’…The question is: are we as a community going to manage the change or be surprised by it?